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The What and Why
of Waste Heat Recovery

One of the most important equipment components in an engine driven equipment installation, particularly Co generation installations, is the Waste Heat Recovery System. This system must be designed to FIRST provide positive engine cooling and SECOND obtain maximum economical heat recovery while insuring reliability and longevity of equipment.

As a "rule of thumb," reciprocating engines are 30% efficient. That is, of the fuel energy input; 30% goes to shaft horsepower; 30% to jacket water heat; 30% to exhaust heat; and 10% to radiation, oil heat, and other losses.

One of the oldest and most successful forms of heat recovery employs VAPORPHASE (ebullient) cooling of the reciprocating engine. The process of the Ebullient cooling involves the natural circulation of jacket water at or near saturation temperature and engine cooling is accomplished through utilization of the heat of vaporization. This is the simplest and least costly form of waste heat recovery.

Some of the benefits of VAPORPHASE cooling are, elimination of the jacket water circulating pump, extended engine life due to uniform temperatures throughout the engine (normally 2-3 degrees differential between inlet and outlet), recovered heat in the form of low pressure steam (up to 15 PSIG) and all of the heat rejected to the jacket water is recovered.

Today's Co generation installations produce large amounts of steam for building heat, building cooling (absorption air conditioning), domestic hot water and various other uses. To provide as much steam as possible for these loads from the engine installation, the heat rejected to the exhaust is also recovered. Because exhaust temperature cannot be lowered to ambient air temperature, only a portion of this exhaust waste heat can be economically recovered. Systems wherein both jacket water and exhaust waste heat are recovered are yielding system efficiencies in excess of 75%.

There are several methods of recovering waste heat. One employs recovery of jacket water heat only. Another employs recovery of exhaust heat only. Still another recovers both jacket water and exhaust heat in separate units. Today, however, the most popular and least expensive method is to recover both jacket water and exhaust heat in a single unit. These units are "Packaged" at the factory and include controls, safety devices, instrumentation and insulation. Only simple field connections are required.

A pioneer in the industry, with nearly 60 years of experience, VAPORPHASE Heat Recovery Equipment is your assurance of satisfaction. To maintain our proven leadership in experience, and the industry, Engineering Controls has recently expanded and modernized its manufacturing facilities to meet increasing demand for VAPORPHASE Equipment.

Over 2,750,000 hp. of VAPORPHASE Heat Recovery Units are now in operation......twice that of any competitor.

If you are contemplating a Co generation system, or if you are now in the planning stages, it will pay for you to investigate VAPORPHASE, Engineering Controls, the industry leader and pioneer.

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