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Engine Exhaust Heat Recovery Silencers
for Hot Water Service:

Engineering Controls Model ECXW Hot Water Bare Fire Tube Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Silencers have the following practical features:

Best recovery performance without exhaust back pressure problem in fouled exhaust service.

Full jacket water flow rate on water side with minimal pressure drop.

Removable access covers top and bottom provide for easy access to tubes without disturbing the piping.

Ease of cleaning with flue brush or water wash. Automatic water injection tube cleaning system available.

Securely attached tube permits replacing or plugging individual tube if required.

Two pass design permits convenient exhaust in the exhaust out of the top side of the vertical unit or in and out of same end of the horizontal unit. Exhaust inlet and outlet nozzles may be opposite one another or at 90 degrees from one another.

The vertical unit is supported on sturdy legs arranged to permit easy removal of bottom access cover.

The horizontal unit is supported on saddles.

All units are ASME Section VIII code constructed for 30 PSIG with optional designs at higher pressure.

Optional internal exhaust bypass valve is available in either the manual or automatic versions. The manual version is best suited for seasonal operation where recovery is required for only part of thed year. Automatic version with pneumatic actuator, positioner and temperature pilot will modulate the performance of the unit.

The Model ECXW will provide high quality silencing even with the optional exhaust bypass valve in bypass.

To Download Standard Drawings on the
ECXW units, click

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