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As of September 30th, 2016, we will cease manufacturing. Thank you for your business.

Engineering Controls, d/b/a Vaporphase: (a generic industry name), is no longer in business. We thank our customers for your patronage. By way of information, Kickham Boiler & Engineering, Inc. had been an exclusive manufacturer for Vaporphase and has the capacity to manufacture similar products to those Engineering Controls used to sell. If customers are interested in purchasing products similar to Engineering Controls/Vaporphase products, they may contact Kickham Boiler & Engineering, Inc. to determine whether or not they are in a position to quote a price for repair or manufacture products. In no way is Kickham Boiler & Engineering, Inc. a successor to Engineering Controls, Inc. as the relationship was merely distributor to manufacturer.

Welcome to the online home of Engineering Controls, Incorporated.  Premier providers of VAPORPHASE Waste Heat Recovery Equipment.

This website will give you an overview of our product line along with general information as it pertains to Waste Heat Recovery.  Feel free to browse the site and should you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at jthuet@kickhamboiler.com.  You can also reach us via telephone at (314) 261-4786.

Be sure to check out the download section of the site.  There are AutoCAD drawing downloads available in the Hot Water Units, Steam Units, and Exhaust By-Pass Tees.  Keep in mind these drawings are based on a standard set of criteria, and can be modified or adjusted per customer specifications.

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