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Combining Jacket Water and Exhaust with Integral Silencing

Vertical unit occupies minimum floor space - resulting in lower initial construction cost and lower operating square footage cost.

Horizontal unit is suitable for hanging, wall, or floor mounting, if desired.

Unit is easily cleaned, inspected and/or maintained as tubes are exposed thru simple removal of access panels - resulting in lower maintenance costs and maximum generating income.

Mud drum gives dead water space for precipitating out the solids and chemicals of water treatment - resulting in more positive boiler water control with daily blow-off which reduces to a minimum the shut downs necessary for water washing.

Submerged pressure parts insures long life. Tubes, tube sheets, exhaust inlet and outlet and shell are submerged to maintain saturated temperature. Uniform temperatures throughout eliminates stresses normally present with varying temperatures.

Single unit provides both jacket water and exhaust recovery. Each engine generator heat recovery package is unitized to provide greater system versatility than available with multi-engine heat recovery units and also gives true standby.

Internal tube nest shroud insures solid water to the engine jacket water inlet for uniform engine cooling and directs water for maximum efficient contact with the heating surface. This means positive circulation and maximum steam production.

Permanent blanket insulation is attached to the self supporting steel casing which is completely removable without disturbing the piping. Shell side inspection openings are exposed for insurance or state inspection by removal of one quarter panel only. Outer casing protects insulation from water damage and resultant high replacement cost.

Liberal steam space coupled with adequate steam separating space and internal baffling insures saturated steam with a maximum 2% moisture content.

Factory mounted controls and safety devices provide single responsibility for entire unit and insures compatibility of base unit and accessories.

Sufficient water volume to prevent low water shut down due to wide load fluctuations, or false low water shut down requiring manual reset when engine shuts down under normal operating conditions. This insures adequate head on engine at all times and prevents engine damage possible with inadequate volume.

Provides true residential silencing of engine exhaust.

Back pressure is held well within engine manufacturers limitations.

Standard controls and instruments consisting of level control, 3-way by-pass, low water shutdown switch, combination air vent-vacuum breaker, pressure gauge and full range tubular gauge glass provide adequate operation on most systems. Optional controls consisting of (but not limited to) city water emergency feeder, low water alarm switch, high water alarm switch, high water shutdown switch and high pressure alarm switch are available for more critical systems.

Tubes are roller expanded into reamed tube holes. Provides for easy replacement should the need arise.

Designed, fabricated and stamped in accordance with the latest edition of the ASME Code Section VIII and National Board.

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