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Engine Exhaust Heat Recovery Silencers
for Steam Service:

Engineering Controls Model ECXS Steam Waste Heat Recovery Silencers have the following practical features:
The ECXS series features bare fire tube construction with access covers or manways at each end to facilitate access to the tube bundle for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The ECXS series is used for steam generation and is available for 20, 50, 150, and 250 PSIG design pressures.

Integral Steam separation eliminates the inconvenience of finding space and the cost of piping to an external separator.

The three chambered gas side design provides high quality engine silencing.

The ECXS series is available in either vertical or horizontal configuration with various exhaust sizes and nozzle arrangements for ease of installation.

The ECXS units are fabricated to ASME Code Section I or Section VIII Division I for 20, 50, 150, or 250 PSIG design pressure. ECXS units area also available for marine applications (series ECXMS) with USCG and ABS approval.

The ECXS series is offered with optional blanket type insulation, which flexes with the thermal expansion and contraction of the unit and an aluminum jacket to protect the blanket insulation.

The bare fire tube construction permits easy cleaning of the tubes when used with a fouling gas stream such as dual fuel, diesel, or two-cycle engines.

Tubes that become damaged from inadequate water treatment (scaling or oxygen pitting), can be easily replaced by any local boiler repair shop.

The ECXS series is available with internal manual or automatic exhaust gas bypass valves to trim the steam output during periods of low steam demand.

Tubes are rolled in low pressure steam applications and welded on high pressure installations. In either case an individual tube can be removed and replaced.

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ECXS units, click

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