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Features of Vaporphase Steam Separators

Vaporphase Cyclonic Steam Separators are designed specifically for the efficient removal of the relatively small quantity of vapor mixed with the liquid flowing nozzle swirls the liquid vapor mixture inside the vessel. The resultant compression together with the interior baffling separates the steam which rises to the upper chamber from which it is piped to the condenser or to the process steam requirement.
Any air or other non-condensable gases are also removed in this chamber and vented to the atmosphere. The liquid remaining in the lower chamber flows out of the bottom where the vortex effect is arrested by a set of vertical fins and a horizontal baffle plate over the water outlet. This outlet is extended into the bottom head of the vessel, forming a patented sediment chamber or mud-drum from which a blow-down line is taken. The water outlet is flanged and is made over-size so that it serves as a pedestal on which the unit may be mounted. All units are made and stamped in accordance with the ASME code for unfired pressure vessels for the operating pressure required for any particular application.


The system is filled with water, or a solution of anti-freeze and water where required to the half full point in the Vaporphase Separator.
When the engine is started, rejection of heat to the water causes THERMAL CIRCULATION through the engine and the Separator. Except for radiation, no cooling occurs in the primary or engine cooling water circuit. The water quickly comes to the boiling point and the engine heat rejected to the water is removed in the Separator in the form of steam. The hot water and steam, entering the Separator through a tangential inlet swirls with continuous centrifugal force, which, with internal baffling separates the steam from the water.
Dirt and scale is collected in the mud-drum and may be removed by periodic blow-down. Steam and non-condensable gases then pass to the secondary circuit which includes some type of a condensing unit. Here the steam is condensed and the condensate is returned to the primary circuit either by gravity or by a condensate return unit. Vaporphase is a simple, closed, trouble-free cooling system.


A trouble-free internal combustion engine COOLING SYSTEM that keeps the engine, or a battery of engines, at constant, uniform, most efficient operating temperature at all times, regardless of engine speed or load. This is accomplished by the simple method of NOT COOLING the circulating water. The natural law of boiling is the temperature control.


Automatically controls temperature at boiling without mechanical or manual control. Insures uniform temperatures in the combustion chamber and throughout the engine.

Recovers all jacket heat plus up to 75% of exhaust heat in its most useful form - steam at 0 up to 15 pounds pressure. This valuable heat, usually wasted, is now being used in heating and air-conditioning of buildings, in refrigeration, in the distillation of sea water, in the heating of chemicals, water and viscous oils, in the treating of sewage sludge and crude oil and in many other process applications.

Facilitates the use of untreated sewage gas and other fuels containing H2S or residual fuel oils containing sulphur. Acids from these fuels cannot form due to absence of moisture in the cylinders which are above the dew point (194 degrees F).

The constant temperature improves combustion, minimizes cylinder wear and reduces lube oil sludging.

Low water make up requirement reduces supply and treatment problems.

VAPORPHASE COOLING AND WASTE HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEMS have been serving may different types of diesel, gasoline and gas engines in a wide range of sizes. Proven "lowest cost" system in every way - in first cost, in operating cost and in maintenance cost.

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